Smoking Cessation For
Pregnancy And Beyond:
A Virtual Clinic

Background: Ideal Continuing Education?

Ideally, a continuing education experience would provide for effective, efficient, and enjoyable learning. It would probably involve a visit to a major medical center, with opportunities to counsel, evaluate, and manage a variety of patients, interact with renowned experts who act as mentors, and attend excellent lectures. Of course, it would all be scheduled around your busy clinical practice, available whenever you had the time, without travel.

Virtual Mini-fellowships™ aspire to meet these desirable qualities for continuing education with a "Virtual Clinic", a highly detailed, computer-based environment that is intuitive and easy to use.

This program, dealing with smoking cessation for pregnancy and beyond,

  • is available anytime, on most commonly available computer system, with an internet connection and the Flash plug-in.
  • applies sound pedagogy and learning theory to create a carefully-designed, well-produced, comprehensive program of instruction
  • provides case-based learning with simulated patients, allowing you to explore medical and psycho-social dimensions of smoking cessation counseling
  • features faculty members who are experts in their field
  • provide detailed and insightful case discussions, in context with each simulated patient encounter
  • offer "mini-lectures" on a variety of relevant smoking cessation topics
  • provides examples of "best practice" smoking cessation counseling
  • offers links to recommended Web sites for further information
  • allows you to "interview" real patients working with smoking cessation issues.

These qualities are provided within a Virtual Clinic, a highly detailed, computer-generated environment that is intuitive and easy to use. We're convinced that you'll find this mini-fellowship to be a unique, informative, efficient, and highly enjoyable way to learn!

Using the Virtual Clinic

Signing in

Make sure you use the same email address, with exact spelling, each time you use the mini-fellowship. Otherwise you will be asked to create a new account.

Sign in screen

Making a selection

You make selections in the normal way, by moving your mouse cursor and clicking the left mouse button. When the cursor is over an area that can be selected, it changes from an arrow shape to a hand shape.

Hand cursor

Moving around

There are a couple of ways to move around in the Clinic: from the Overview map or the Hallway.

Overview: You get to this view by clicking on any of the overview icons (they look like evacuation diagrams) that are scattered throughout the clinic. From the map, just click on any area that interests you, and that drops you into the appropriate location in the Hallway.

Hallway: To enter a room, click on the appropriate doorknob. To move down the hallway, click to the side of the screen in the direction you want to go. To get to the Overview, click on a "fire evacuation plan."

Overview and hallway

Viewing patient records

When in the Hallway in front of an examining room door, you can elect to view your simulated patient's chart. In general, you can turn pages by clicking on the appropriate side of the chart. As your simulated patient's disease progresses, their chart grows quite a bit; we've provided record tabs to help you jump around. When finished viewing the chart, click on the "Done" tab or button.

Patient records

Taking a break: Exiting and Resuming the Program

You'll probably want to do your mini-fellowship in several sessions. To exit the Virtual Clinic program, go to the Clinic Overview by clicking on any Overview icon which looks like a fire evacuation diagram. Then click on the EXIT sign in the right lower corner. Your location (progress) in the mini-fellowship will be automatically saved. You'll be able to pick up where you left off the next time you sign back into the Clinic.

When you come back to the program, sign in with the email address you used before to pick up where you left off. You may repeat completed simulations if you like.


Note: Browser Navigation

Do not use your browser navigation, back, forward and home buttons to navigate through the program. You may navigate away from the Smoking Cessation Program and may need to sign back in. This could result in loss of some of your saved progress.