Smoking Cessation For
Pregnancy And Beyond:
A Virtual Clinic

Virtual Clinic Overview

A Travel Guide to your "Mini-Fellowship"

What you do -and the order in which you do it-is up to you. That said, here's a recommended path to the program, one of several you might take.

Go to the "Get Started Now" page, and purchase and sign in to the mini-fellowship. It's important that you use the same email address each time you log on if you want to maintain your progress records, especially if you are using the program to get continuing education credit.

Sign in screen

Once past the credit and disclaimer screens, you'll be offered an Orientation. It only takes a few minutes and gives a good overview of the Clinic and the things you can do there.


Patient Roster: The core of the program lies in interacting with simulated patients, which you access from the Roster in the hallway. With each patient, you'll be asked to assess and counsel your patient(s), and make decisions about their care.

Roster and patient

Conference Room: At the end of each patient visit, Dr. Phelan will offer to discuss issues raised by that encounter. She will tell you what topics will be covered, who will be discussing the case, and how long they'll take so you'll know what to expect. You can return to these case discussions at any time by going to the Conference Room.

Conference Room

Counseling Room: The counseling room provides examples of "best practice" smoking cessation counseling. These video segments are abridged counseling sessions that emphasize the issues of immediate concern to their patients.


After getting some experience with a simulated patient or two, you might head down the hall to the Learning Resources Room. The Patient Interviews kiosk on the right lets you meet some remarkable people. Do one or more of the interviews; they don't last more than a couple of minutes each.

Learning Resources Room

Lectures: The Lectures area on the left lists some topics you may be interested in. Each lecture can be done in their entirety (usually 5 to 10 minutes each) or by subtopic.


Internet access: You can access pertinent World Wide Web links from the middle kiosk (or click on the Resources tab in the menu above) in the Learning Resources room. Clicking on the graphic of the computer will open a new window in your browser, it will not take you away from the program thus enabling you to visit some approved Internet sites. When you are ready to return to the Virtual Clinic, click on the window that has the Smoking Cessation Program running.

Web kiosk